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From a Director's Eye: Phantasmion Runway Show

The SS23 Phantasmion runway show curated by ODF took place  Friday, September 30th at 8:47PM at Things to Look at Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Phantasmion, named after Victorian era author Sara Coleridge’s 1874 novel, is an exploration of the dramatic elements of fantasy through fashion. In a two part display, viewers will be taken through our modern interpretation of classic fairytales highlighting both the dream-like and ominous imagery that inspires them.

Directors SAMIAH F. and RICKYAH B. sit down after the show to discuss show moments

Samiah  F. to Rickyah  B.

SF:In one word how would you describe what it feels to look at back at the show we created?




SF:Which part of this collaboration between ODF, Underscore, and all the creatives that made Phantasmion possible, was the most rewarding for you?


RB:For me, seeing the final looks come down the runway. The work that was put in by the designers, their teams, and us as directors to ensure that the show was executed sucessfully meant a lot to me. It took a great effort and error to take 20 minutes out of everyone’s day and present this runway show are the moments I look forward to.


SF:What is your biggest takeaway from this production process?


RB:The most crucial element of a successful production is having every single element and detail written down.


SF:What is one thing you’d like to say to the people looking at us and ODF like “what’s next?”


RB:This is only the beginning.


Did the show meet your expectations? 


SF:No. But that’s more because I didn’t have any. I felt like going into this show expecting perfection was unrealistic. My priority was being present and allowing myself to lean into what was possible with my team beside me. And the result of that approach has been so rewarding. Now, it’s time to up it. 


RB:Going into the show, my biggest concern was making sure every model had a look and every look was completed into for the show. I wanted it to go well, we planned for it to go great, and I think it went pretty well.

RB:Where did the concept for Phantasmion come from?


SF: I’m a huge fantasy nerd. From classic novels to modern films. I love it all. 


After going down a rabbit hole of gothic literature and the origins of classic fairy tales I started developing a mood board of makeup looks, fashion, and art inspired by those themes. 


I called it Faerie & Grimm and really used it as a method to explore visually the allure of these stories that portray otherworldly characters in a way that’s equally terrifying and beautiful. 


The concept behind Phantasmion was really born from the meeting of all those elements. 


RB:In comparison to other shows that you have been apart of it, what made this one different? 


SF:Definitely the production process. I’m used to being very hands on in every element beyond the ideation and that tends to cause a lot of anxiety behind the scenes. This was my first time working with a co-director that I didn’t have to spend time translating myself through. 


A good show always was comes with a good amount of stress but we were in sync in a way that it made the whole production process much easier. 


RB:How did your set design contribute to the overall concept of the show? 


SF:The focal point of this show was the designers creations so setting the stage for it was all about showcasing the models and their looks. Warmth was a priority and it really came through. There were subtle nods to the garden setting of the novel the show was named after. Huge thank you to Burke Heffner for working with me to get the flower arch together. But from the flowers, to the lighting, and candle lined runway the set really establish the ambiance of something both warm, Intriguing, and magical.  


RB:What was the biggest challenge in producing the show?


SF:Time. Time was not on our side AND we made a great show happen any way.

Rickyah B. to Samiah F.


Rickyah B.

Samiah F.





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