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Written by Kyn Hyde

If you find yourself in Lower Manhattan between New York City’s vibrant  Lower East Side and historic Chinatown neighborhoods, you may stumble across the vintage-style emporium,  “James Veloria”.  


Nestled in a cozy shopping mall directly under the Manhattan Bridge, James Veloria truly is a hidden gem. With pieces from fashion’s “lates” and “greats” ( including Versace, Dior, and Issey Miyake), this destination for pre-loved garments aims to demonstrate an exceptional “vision and critical eye in order to meet the standards of the James Veloria aesthetic while still maintaining an accessible price point,” per


But what happens when James Veloria meets New York Fashion Week? Apparently an exhilarating live auction!

On Saturday, February 11, James Veloria teamed up with Vogue contributor and fashion commentator Liana Satenstein to host what the duo defined as “The hottest nastiest IN PERSON auction,” as captioned in their joint announcement post on Instagram.



With avant-garde fashion, individualism, and unconventional style running rampant through James Veloria’s brand persona, of course, we at ‘Ol Dirty Fashion were intrigued. I had to make a stop at the luxury consignment store.

Since shopping is my cardio, I warmed up for my workout at James Veloria with a 40-minute walk from East Village to the store on East Broadway. 



I’m not sure what is in the NYC air, but grueling walks coupled with overpriced coffee always just feels so right. 


Nonetheless, when I finally touched down at the auction, I could tell that I was going to break a sweat– I was completely overwhelmed by the garments displayed in front of me, which I had otherwise only seen in my dreams. The store’s layout was enchantingly overwhelming


Right off the bat, I was distracted by a pair of tri-color Prada heels that I didn’t know I needed, but still can’t seem to live without. To my left, an even more encapsulating display of shoes left me checking my bank account to see if I could pull off leaving the store with one pair of classic Manolos, and a pair of Gucci “bitchy boots,” as Liana would describe them.


The storefront itself, in all of its maximalist glory, rippled with bold patterns, metallic decor, and even clouds floating from the ceiling. It’s safe to say that James Veloria transports visitors into a glamorous utopia of its own.  


The energetic nature of co-founder Brandon Veloria and host Liana Satenstein filled the room with excitement as each garment was auctioned into the hands of a proud new owner. With 70s and 80s disco music booming in the background, it was almost impossible not to “catch a vibe” at James Veloria. Despite the store’s groovy music, this auction highlighted pieces from the early 2000s, such as a Donna Karan zip-front chocolate leather coat, a Stella McCartney-era Chloé puff-sleeve graphic tee, a Tom Ford-era Gucci teal snakeskin crop top, and many… many others! 


To view the auction in its entirety, head to @jamesveloria's Instagram.  

Off the heels of a successful auction, I caught up with Brandon and Liana to hear about the motivation behind their event and gained exclusive insight into the duo's favorite pieces available now at James Veloria.


Don't stray too far, the interview airs Sunday and is well worth the wait!

“JV”, as the vintage retailer is commonly nicknamed, is an ode to unapologetic NYC style, audacious inclusivity, and ethical practices within the fashion landscape. The founders at James Veloria utilize their store to instill “empowerment and inspiration,” throughout their local community and afar, as their company’s website details


James Veloria x Liana Satenstein managed to authentically curate a playful, refreshing, and stimulating space for fashion aficionados to decompress amid the chaos that is New York Fashion Week– to that, we say job well done.

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 10.22.20 AM.png

Collin James Weber and Brandon Veloria Giordano, Co-Founders of James Veloria

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