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What’s Next in Fashion– SS23 Trends

Written by Kyn Hyde

Though sometimes controversial, the implementation of a “trend” is one of the ever-so-present consistencies within fashion. Whether trickled down from Haute Couture’s seasonal runways or funneled up from a viral TikTok creator, trends are heavily embedded into fashion’s annual calendar. Though I believe true style comes from within, why not at least be aware of what’s happening in mainstream fashion? Plus, some of next season’s “trends” have the green light from me, and I’m excited to see how our community’s style zeitgeist interprets them. Ranked in no particular order, here are 10 of the Spring/Summer 2023 trends that are actually on our radar. 

1.Contorting Silhouettes


In the post-lockdown era of 2023, fashion is all about reinstating a certain level of effort in outfits (or at least curating them to look as such). Labels such as Carolina Herrera, Matty Bovan, and Issey Miyake can’t get enough of exerting maximalism through silhouettes by contorting them, as seen in their SS23 collections. Hems and waistlines are becoming playful again, similar to the easily recognizable couture dresses of COMME des GARÇONS.

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2.Biker Chic

Rickyah B. to Samiah F.

The “Biker” style is no stranger to fashion, but the grungey, leather-dominated trend is racing into the spring and summer collections of brands such as Diesel, Knwls, and David Koma in an experimental way.  This year’s approach to the trend includes reimagined colorways and unconventional fabrics. Biker Chic in high-fashion toys with the paradigm of balancing elegance with a dash of “rough around the edges”.

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3.Mulberry is the New Black

4.Caught Up in Your Net


If you weren’t aware, let ODF be the first to tell you… Mulberry is the New Black. This deep hue of red is sprinkled throughout the runways of YSL, Coach, and Bottega Veneta, for example. This is not your regular  “seasonal color takeover”, however. In the Spring, expect to see this deep red instituted as a neutral, rather than your average pop-of-color. Try not to aim for matching the pigment throughout your entire outfit, but instead replace your black and brown accessories or LBD (little black dress) with this sultry take on red.

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Breathable, woven garments are making a comeback for the spring and summer. Knitwear’s opportunity for intricate and eccentric design has labels like Givenchy, Ulla Johnson, and GCDS ready to show off their unique application of the warm-weather staple.

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5.See Right Through You

Transparency may be hard to come by in the fashion industry, but not for its clothing! The “sheer-er”, the better for the upcoming season, as demonstrated by Paloma Wool, Ferragamo, MSGM, and so many others. This is your sign to invest in some Grade-A undergarments because it’s likely that this revealing trend may have you ready to bare it all when the weather turns!

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7.Code of Arms

While we’ve been in a metallics frenzy for a while now, the new year brings a hard-core update– heavy metal. JW Anderson, Laquan Smith, and Paco Rabanne were not shy when it came to incorporating chains, armors, and irons into their newest collections.

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6.Bubble Hems

This trend may be super niche, but I’m not mad at it! The bubble hem is an ode to the 80s, which seems to be 2023’s favorite era. Styled as a skirt set with funky patterned tights at Sportmax, or an eclectic cut-out cocktail dress at Dauphinette, the bubble hem has more versatility than you may think, so don’t be intimidated by her!

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8.Tailored to Perfection

As previously mentioned, 2023 is about intentionality within outfits, and tailor-made garments are the best way to establish that. Sharp tailoring is nothing new for Dion Lee, Miu Miu, and Ferragamo who are widely recognized for their opulently-crafted creations. In the new year, consider pursuing a local tailor to make each garment look like it was made particularly for you!

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9.Sleek Subversion

Subversive fashion is a 2022 cult favorite turned mainstream takeover, but it seems as though luxury designers such as Alberta Ferretti and Paloma Wool are nodding to the viral aesthetic in their most recent collections. Subversive fashion is characterized by its experimental draping, uncommon textures, and androgynous nature. Subversive fashion is here to stay in 2023 but with an elevated twist.​

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10.Botanical Appliqués

Last but not least, there can not be a spring without the flowers’ bloom. 3D floral appliqués have planted their seeds in the SS23 collections of Blumarine, Loewe, and others. We’ve seen these embellishments incorporated directly on pieces, as well as on their accompanying accessories such as bags, shoes, necklaces, and purses.

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