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Many moons ago I retired the lifestyle and aspirations of being a “fashion n*gga” despite my passion for clothes and all activities related to them. I grew up the flyest one in my class, on the back of the bus hoping somebody noticed the different pair of Jordans I had on from the day before. Normally someone did of course. This level of confidence and bravado I earned in New York’s low income neighborhoods is something I carried into adulthood. The realization I’ve come to is that I don’t have to be a self proclaimed participant in the fashion industry to still be flier than most of y’all. It’s been a long time since I used to run around SoHo for no reason, or trying to creative direct just to say I could. Most of these guys who perpetrate that lifestyle embody everything I think is corny, full grown men tryna be like Ian Connor. I realized that I am the Dapper Don and that’s all I need to be. I don’t gotta be a self proclaimed anything to wear some Kapital or a rare Hysteric. I don’t gotta be on IG boot licking either. I can just get fly. That’s what I’m here to tell y’all. The repertoire is there, not because I’m “into fashion” I’m just fly. I don’t have to act like a brand is wack just because it’s popular like come on y’all be feening. If you really fly it doesn't matter who wears it cause you know how to put it on regardless and the difference is gone show. My days of acting like some thousand dollar sneakers are played out just because I can’t afford them have long passed. For this I take a quote from the Capo himself (Jim Jones) “They into fashion, we into splashin” Like what I mean by that is we just wear what we like. If it happens to be something y’all don’t know about, even better for me. I’m definitely not into cloning, but y’all be frauding most of the time. I’m the Dapper Don cause I really was born into this fly sh*t it’s like a Mafia family type of thing. I used to curse myself for not being able to fit my pops Pelle’s or Bape sneakers or throwback jerseys. Can y’all really relate? I’m the Dapper Don cause IG ain’t teach me how to dress. Y’all will get it though if you don’t now, just keep reading, and don’t confuse my confidence with arrogance.

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